Saturday, June 9, 2018

What Future Education Journal 1

Based on my experiences as a learner, I think there are several things I will be able to get out of this course. I am especially looking forward to learning more about a variety of educational theories. In the reading for this week of the course several broad theoretical areas are mentioned – behaviorist, cognitive, humanistic, and social/situational. I am very much anticipating diving in to these areas and finding out more about the way they conceptualize education. I have been a student in a variety of different settings – an undergraduate student and a postgraduate student in Britain (as well as primary school and high school) and as a foreign language learner in Korea. I am hoping that the course will deepen my understanding of the educational experiences I have already had. Furthermore, I am interested in life-long learning. I want to reap the cognitive benefits of life-long learning. As such I am hoping that the What Future Education course will give me some insights into improving my own approach to learning. How can I learn better? How can I concentrate better? How can I acquire more information? Hopefully this course will help me answer these questions. Finally, as a teacher myself (I teach English as a second language at a university in Korea) I am hoping to gain insights that will improve my teaching practice.